Youth entrepreneurship projects teach life skills

There are many ways youth can learn about and become involved in entrepreneurship projects.

Michigan 4-H offers programing for youth to explore the many possibilities associated with becoming an entrepreneur.

What does that mean? According to the Oxford dictionary, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages a commercial undertaking. It is a combination of business concepts and creativity.

According to Michigan State University Extension, youth entrepreneurship opportunities are necessary to keep communities growing. Surveys show that youth would prefer to stay or return to their hometowns and start their own businesses. There are many forms of entrepreneurship ideas -- improve or find uses for existing products, find solutions to problems, or identify opportunities. These few examples can be a career path to a successful future.

When youth get involved in entrepreneurship programs, they gain lifelong skills that will help guide them for the future. Life skills learned through entrepreneurship projects include decision making, responsibility, record keeping and money management.

Who are these youth? What do they need to start out with?

Helpful tips have been created by Michigan 4-H youth programming that provide information on starting 4-H business and entrepreneur clubs.

Entrepreneurs are those who have great ideas and do something about them. They look for opportunities to promote these ideas. They have no age restrictions.  Joining a 4-H entrepreneur club is a great way for youth to showcase the skills they learned at the county fair.  Youth involved in 4-H have a lot of determination and believe in their ideas.

How can you get started and learn more about entrepreneurship ideas? Youth should write down hobbies, skills and things they are good at.

There are many other opportunities and resources available for youth to learn more about business and entrepreneurship on MSU Extension website.

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