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Maria Rubino

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Professor Emeritus, School of Packaging
School of Packaging


Dr. Maria Rubino is a Professor in the School of Packaging and has been at Michigan State University since 2004. Maria also has over 15 years of industrial experience working as a scientist in chemical and food companies.  Her research is focused on the mass transfer of vapors, gases and additives in polymer materials and packaging systems, and on developing packaging strategies that will contribute to the overall safety of foods and pharmaceutical products. She teaches courses on packaging permeability and shelf life and the application of instrumental analysis for packaging.

Instructional Activities:

PKG 490, Section 010 Directed Studies in Packaging: Development of solutions to specific packaging problems. Supervised individual study.
PKG 817 Instrument Analysis of Packaging Materials: Analytical methods for packaging including spectrophotometry and chromatography. Material identification and characterization. Migration and permeation measurements.
PKG 815 Permeability and Shelf Life: Relationship between the storage life of packaged food and pharmaceutical products and the gas, moisture, and organic vapor permeability of packages in various environments.