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Mark Longstroth

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I have worked for MSU Extenion as a Fruit Educator since 1993. I am an educational resource for small fruit growers in Southwest Michigan. My current focus is blueberries, and other small fruits. Prior to 2010, I served all commercial fruit growers in SW Michigan, focusing on both tree fruit (primarily apples and cherries) and small fruit (primarily blueberries, grapes, and cranberries). I scout fruit plantings and hold weekly or monthly (blueberries and grapes) meetings. I report Southwest Michigan’s fruit and pest conditions for MSU Extension and contribute articles on fruit pests and diseases. I have given numerous presentations on site selection, nutrition, fertilization, cultural practices, and pest control for blueberries and other fruit.

Before coming to Michigan, I worked as the Orchard Manager for the University of Idaho's, Parma Agricultural Experiment Station. I did all the work involved in planting maintaining orchards of apples, cherries and plums. I am very familar with all aspects of commercial fruit production for all fruit crops