Bulletin E3282
Bees of the Great Lakes Region and Wildflowers to Support Them

April 29, 2016 - Author: Jason Gibbs

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This pocket-sized, 110-page guide introduces bees of the Great Lakes region and their favored native plants – wildflowers. The spiral-bound book's photos and descriptions will help farmers and gardeners identify the many species of bees inhabiting Michigan and surrounding states, and the native plants that can be grown to provide pollen and nectar. The guide's pollinator section offers tips for identifying bee species, descriptions of their behavior and contribution to pollination. The featured herbaceous plants can be used in farms, gardens and urban landscapes to help conserve bees. Each plant's page describes preferred growing conditions, flower characteristics, common pollinators it attracts and best companion plants. This publication discusses the wider view of bee conservation and various approaches for ensuring a diversity of bees in your landscape. Farmers and gardeners will find useful information for exploring these fascinating and valuable insects and learn how adding native plant diversity into gardens, fields and other landscapes can provide bees with the resources they need to survive and thrive.

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