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Japanese Pagodatree


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Styphnolobium japonicum shape

Styphnolobium japonicum

  • Height: 50’ - 70’
  • Site characteristics: Clay, loam, sandy soils; full sun
  • Zone: 5b - 9a
  • Wet/dry: Tolerates drought
  • Native range: Eastern Asia
  • Salt: Tolerant
  • pH: 5.0 - 8.2
  • Other: Fixes own nitrogen. Attractive, cream-colored flowers in late July
  • Shape: Dense, round
  • Other: Cultivars: ‘Princeton Upright’ – upright; ‘Regent’ – rapid growth, profuse flowering and resistant to leaf-chewers.
  • Additional: Transplant in spring or fall, somewhat weak wooded
  • Pests: ‘Regent’ resistant to leafhoppers, twig dieback and stem cankers in colder zones

Japanese Pagodatree
Photo: Bert Cregg, MSU

Styphnolobium japonicum "Regent" leaves Styphnolobium japonicum "Regent"
Photos: Bert Cregg, MSU (left), and Roi Dagobert, Wikimedia Commons (right).

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