Academic Advisors

Each student is responsible for knowing the university, college, and department requirements as stated in the MSU Academic Programs. Students must complete the graduation requirements that were in effect at the time the student entered the ANS major unless he/she elects to complete a curriculum adopted by the ANS department at a later time.

You should not rely solely on Degree Navigator and perform “self advising”. Historically, students who operated strictly with Degree Navigator and do not work with an advisor have made critical errors that delayed graduation or they missed opportunities to enhance their programs. Further, these students may not become acquainted with the faculty and faculty may not become acquainted with these students. You may need a faculty/advisor recommendation for a job or graduate school. See your advisor regularly!

All ANS students are encouraged to see their advisor at least once per semester to review their academic progress toward graduation and professional goals. Your advisor must also certify your completion of all requirements for graduation.

It is critical to keep your advisor and mentor informed about your actions and plans. Let him/her know if you are available for specialized independent educational and work experiences. Frequent short meetings are better than one long meeting. Remember, one of the most important people in your MSU undergraduate program of study is your advisor. Effective communication with your instructors and advisor will enhance your program of study, progress, and career after graduation.

Advisors for Baccalaureate Program

Ms. Jessica Kiesling advises all incoming freshman and sophomore students majoring or interested in majoring in Animal Science. In addition, Ms. Kiesling also advises students in the Production Animal Scholars concentration and students in Lyman Briggs majoring in Animal Science. Dr. Miriam Weber-Nielsen advises juniors and seniors who want to focus on Dairy.

Other faculty advisors include Dr. Brian Nielsen, specializing in equine physiology and Dr. Gretchen Hill, Internship Coordinator. Drs. Nielsen and Hill schedule their own appointments and may be contacted via email. Nielsen: and Hill:

If you are not an MSU student and would like to meet with Ms. Kiesling, please contact the Department of Animal Science Undergraduate Advising Center at (517) 353-9227 to schedule an appointment.

MSU students are encouraged to use the Student Success Dashboard to schedule an appointment with Ms. Kiesling or Dr. Weber Nielsen (directions follow). Students can also call the ANS Advising Center (517) 353-9227 or stop by Room 1250 in the Anthony Hall to schedule an appointment.

How to use the Student Success Dashboard appointment system:

  • You need your MSUNet ID and password to log on to the appointment system.
  • While the appointment system displays all half hour appointment times that are available, our advisors do not accept walk-in advising unless specifically indicated on the schedule.
  • There may be a time when you must cancel your appointment (ex: illness). The system will allow you to do so, but please cancel with at least 24 hours’ notice and/or contact the ANS Advising Center (517-353-9227) directly to let them know you’ve canceled, so other students may take advantage of the time slot.

Instructions for making an appointment on the Student Success Dashboard

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the [GET ADVISING] button on the top right of the page.
  3. Select AG & NATURAL RESOURCES ADVISING and then ANIMAL SCIENCE as the “Reason” for your appointment. Then select “Next”.
  4. The location should show ANTHONY HALL - ROOM 1250. Please note that Dr. Weber-Nielsen’s office is actually located in Anthony Hall – Room 2265J.
  5. Click in the box that says “Any Advisor”.  You should see just two advisors listed, JESSICA KIESLING or MIRIAM WEBER NIESLEN. Using the criteria above, please select either Ms. Kiesling or Dr. Weber Nielsen as the advisor you want to see. Then select “Next”.
  6. The next step will be to select a specific date and time for you to meet with your advisor. Then select “Next”.
  7. Before finalizing your appointment, please add a note in the comment box - “Is there anything specific you would like to discuss with your advisor?” to let your advisor know why you’ve made this appointment and what you want to talk about.

Instructions for cancelling an appointment on the Student Success Dashboard

  1. Log in to
  2. On the right side of the page, you will see your “Upcoming Appointments”. Open the appointment you wish to cancel.
  3. A new pop up screen appears. Select “Cancel Appointment” on the bottom left.
  4. You will need to select a reason for your cancelation and select “Mark as Cancelled”.
  5. Your confirmation will appear and a message will be sent to the advisor. That time will now be open on your calendar as well as the advisor’s calendar.

Advisors for Agricultural Technology

If you're interested in the 2-year certificate programs, please contact the program coordinaotrs directly: