Animal Science Scholarships

ANS 4-Years students

Listed below are scholarships for which ANS 4-Years students may be eligible. 

Richard and Dana Balander Avian Scholarship

This scholarship will award up to $1,500 dollars to honor and encourage students pursuing a poultry or avian species related career. Academic performance, leadership attributes, career ambitions and financial need will be considered by the selection committee. Undergraduate students will receive primary consideration, but graduate students are also encouraged to apply. Applications are available in spring semester in 1250 Anthony Hall. Deadline is May 15 for completed applications.

Howard E. Cowles Dairy Prize

Awarded annually to juniors born in Michigan and who are majoring in Animal Science with an interest in dairy. Students must also exhibit interest and participation in extracurricular dairy activities. Recipients are selected by the faculty of Animal Science from students who meet criteria for eligibility.

Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarships

Tuition scholarships of $1,500/year for freshmen or $3,500/year to full tuition and fees for sophomores, juniors and seniors are available to students preparing for careers in the dairy industry. Applications are available online. Deadline for completed applications is September 27 for freshmen and February 28 for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Jack and Betty Barnes International Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarship

A tuition scholarship of $1,000 is available to students meeting eligibility criteria for Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarships and who desire an international experience to enhance their education. Applications are available. Deadline for completed applications is April 1.

Michigan Livestock Industry Scholarship Foundation

The MLISF promotes and rewards excellence in the live-stock (beef cattle, sheep, swine, meat products and horse) industry. The foundation provides scholarships for students pursuing careers in the livestock industry. The scholarship ensures that gifted and motivated young leaders enter careers in livestock and allied industries. Awards are generally between $1,000 and $1,500 in each of the fall and spring semesters. Applications are available. The deadline for completed applications is March 1, 2017. For additional information, the selection process and applicaiton guidelines, please download the flyer. Contact Dr. Daniel Buskirk for additional information.

Michigan Pork Producers Association Scholarship

Scholarships of $1,000, $500, $250 are awarded annually to undergraduates with an interest in the swine industry. Applications are available from Michigan Pork Producers Association. Deadline is January 15 for completed applications.

Ralph Hudson Scholarship

A $250 cash award is given to the Outstanding Block and Bridle Club member selected by the faculty of Animal Science.

Reginald A. Emmert Scholarship

The Reginald Emmert Endowed Scholarship is intended to honor and encourage full-time, undergraduate students majoring in the Department of Animal Science with emphasis in livestock production in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University. It is the intent of the donors, that this scholarship provides motivation and incentive to students demonstrating a desire to pursue careers in Animal Science.

Scholarship applications are due March 2, 2017. Generally, between 4 and 6 scholarships are awarded and while amounts vary, the general award is between $1000 and $2000 per semester. Students may reapply.


  1. Fulltime students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, majoring in the Department of Animal Science with emphasis in Livestock Production.
  2. Demonstrate sound academic achievement by maintaining 2.5 average GPA.
  3. Demonstrate an intent to pursue a career in Livestock Production and related fields.
  4. Evidence of the involvement in community activities with demonstrated leadership abilities.
  5. Graduation from a high school located within the United States.
  6. Preference will be given to students who might not be able to attend college due to financial constraints.

Applications are available.

For more information and the application process, please download the Emmert_Scholarship_Flyer.pdf

Harry Moxley Scholarship

A $250 cash award is given to the outstanding junior in Animal Science with a livestock emphasis. The recipient is selected by the faculty of Animal Science.

Scholarships for Students Enrolled in the Institute of Agricultural Technology

Michigan Milk Producers Association Scholarship

Eight awards are presented annually to Ag Tech Dairy Management students interested in pursuing careers in dairy farming. Recipients must be MMPA members, or children or employees of members. Applications are available in 1250F Anthony Hall. Deadline for completed applications is September 15.

Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarships

Selected scholarships are available for IAT students.

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