group photo with horse statue

Who We Are

The B&B Club at MSU strives to provide members an opportunity to promote agriculture and forge new relationships through multiple livestock, social and community service events. Although agriculture is a major club focus, the membership consists of people from all backgrounds. The MSU B&B Club is part of the National B&B Club.

Our Involvement

The club organizes multiple events throughout the academic year. Some events include: the Little International, the Michigan Beef Expo Junior Show, the B&B Club Lamb Northern Exposure Club Lamb Show and Recognition Banquet. For a more detailed description of B&B events please visit the Calendar. Each event offers members a chance to gain leadership experience and other involvement possibilities.

Our Meetings

Members gather for general meetings in 1300 Anthony Hall every other Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. The Executive Council organizes guest speakers or other informational sessions for members after each meeting, along with a social event, such as a scavenger hunt and a hayride.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote a higher scholastic standard among students.
  2. To promote agriculture, emphasizing all areas of animal science.
  3. To bring a closer relationship among all individuals.
  4. To provide a social organization for students of Michigan State University who share a common interest in livestock.