Marketing Templates, Tips and Tutorials

Michigan State University (MSU) College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU AgBioResearch and MSU Extension templates are available to assist with basic marketing needs. They provide a standardized branded look using commonly available fonts and office software. Workflows for meeting web accessibility standards for Adobe Acrobat PDF format documents are included in the tips and tutorials.

Power Point Templates

Widescreen format

This Widescreen format "On-screen Show" (16:9) template is optimal for use with video. It uses the font "Arial" and features the MSU Extension wordmark and the MSU Spartan helmet graphic.

Standard format

This Standard format (4:3) template uses the font "Arial" and features the MSU Extension wordmark and the MSU Spartan helmet graphic.

MSU Extension County Letterhead Template


  1. Enter text in the scholar’s (left) margin of the letterhead by either double clicking in the header area of the template document or going to “view” and selecting “header and footer.”
  2. Once you make your changes in the left margin, save the file as a template (.dot extension) and use as your custom template.
  3. Open your custom template and type your letter or paste text in the content area. Then save that document as a Word document (.doc extension). Your template then remains intact.
  4. If you want to change the margins on the second page of your document, slide the bottom rectangle of the left intent marker on the ruler to the desired measurement. If you have already inserted text on the second page, then all text on that page must be selected prior to making the margin change. If you do not see the ruler above your document, click the View tab (for Word 2007) and check the Ruler box in the Show/Hide Group. For Word 2003, click the View menu and then choose Ruler.

Download the MSU Extension County Letterhead Template from Sharepoint

Brochure and Flyer Templates

All files can be found on Sharepoint. You must log into Sharepoint to access the templates. 

Academic Department

To Add

MSU Extension Institutes

Children & Youth Institute

Michigan 4-H

 Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute

Greening Michigan Institute

Health and Nutrition Institute

Tip Sheets and TutorialsTip sheet-cropped


MSU Extension Brochure Template Accessibility

The MSU Extension Brochure Template Accessibility video tutorial demonstrates how to use an MSU Extension brochure template in Microsoft Publisher.  (13:11 minutes)

MSU Extension Brochure Template Building in Publisher

The MSU Extension Brochure Template Building in Publisher video tutorial demonstrates steps for making an accessible Acrobat PDF for posting on the web using the MSU Extension Microsoft Publisher template and Adobe Acrobat Professional. (9:14 minutes)

MSU Extension Branding and Templates Webinar

The MSU Extension Branding and Templates Webinar is an online training session recorded on 2/21/17. It includes MSU Extension brand information, how to work in the Publisher templates, and how to work with ANR Communications and Marketing (ANR Creative) for more complex communication project needs. (54:21 minutes)

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