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What We Do

The Organizational Development (OD) Team is responsible for face-to-face and online learning opportunities related to keystone events such as New Staff Onboarding and Fall Conference, in addition to workshops and training posted on the MSU Extension Organizational Development Events page and online courses in Desire2Learn (D2L). Unless another organizational development team member is coordinating or leading a training, Anne Baker, Learning and Talent Development Specialist, is the point of contact for professional development. 

Most of the training coming from the OD team focuses on topics that cut across multiple disciplines.  More content-based ("technical") training often comes from work teams and institutes. Some important resources for you to know about include:

Training Sources

  1. MSU Extension: New Staff Orientation in D2L. You are already enrolled. All new employees should take it. 
  2. Essential New Employee Training is in D2L.You are already enrolled. Everyone should take it.
  3. Teaching and Learning in D2L is a growing collection of modules for those who develop or deliver educational content.  
  4. VEND Cash Register System in D2L is for anyone who will use the cash register. 
  5. Evaluation Expedition in D2L is recommended for anyone involved in evaluation.
  6. MSU Extension: Leading & Managing is recommended for anyone in a supervisory roll. 
  7. The OD Events page lists current and upcoming Live Zoom! and face-to-face training.
  8. elevateU is an MSU online resource for professional development on all topics. Log into ebs to access it under "My Career and Training." You have access to thousands of searchable videos, but our favorites are kept in The Library under Unit Specific Programs > MSU Extension.
  9. What Every Extension Worker Should Know is a great resource for acquainting new faculty and staff to the basics of Extension.
  10. MSU has many other useful training resources: Explore some Extension favorites on the MSU Training Resources page.
  11. Leadership training resources are document on our Leadership Development page

If you are looking for training on a specific topic, reach out to Anne Baker, Learning and Talent Development Specialist.

Tracking Training

If you are planning to host an internal professional development event for MSU Extension employees, please fill out the short Training Tracking Form so we are aware of training happening across Extension and can extend our help if it is needed. 

We are currently creating an inventory of professional development resources through MSU Extension, MSU, and outside resources. Contact Our Learning and Talent Development Specialist, Anne Baker, for suggestions if you have a specific training need.

Financial Support for Training

There are two endowed funds that are available to Extension staff for pursuits of professional development and advanced degrees: The Endowed Fund Award (general professional development) and the K.J. Moilanen Memorial Scholarship Fund (degree work). You should also view the funding available through MSU Central Human Resources' Tuition and Education Assistance Program.

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