Tips for Video Submission

Recording Tips

  • Shoot in portrait mode (vertical video) using a smartphone, iPad, or tablet
  • Look directly into the lens when talking
  • Don’t forget to smile
  • Record audio in a quiet place. If possible, use an external microphone connected to your smartphone
  • Record multiple clips separately
  • Try to hold the smart phone, iPad or tablet still and avoid too much movement
  • Try focusing on one thing at a time
  • To make editing your video easy, consider making it directly in iMovie, Clips,  Instagram, or TikTok app
  • Check out our video creation resources for curriculum, sample videos, how to videos, and upcoming trainings.

How to Make a Simple Video!

There are many different ways you can approach making a video but if you don’t know where to get started try following the guide below!

Take a selfie video of yourself and tell us “Why Should You Join 4-H?”

Attract Attention:

  • Try using a hook to catch the viewer’s attention, here are some example hooks/ideas:
    • How 4-H is beneficial?
    • How has 4-H influenced your life?
    • What has 4-H taught you?
    • What you can do in 4-H?
    • Your favorite part of 4-H?
  • Record video clips and/or  pictures that capture “Why You Should Join 4-H!" Below are four examples.

    • Photo and/or video clip  of you and other 4-H'ers working together 
    • Photos and/or video clip of you working on a 4-H project
    • Photos and/or video clip of you at a 4-H event or program, leading a session or talking to a group
    • Photos and/or video clip of something you learned in 4-H


  • Try to include a 4-H clover in your video (could be on a shirt, on a sign, a flag, something in the background, or a graphic overlay edited into the video later).
  • Also try to use a MSU Extension logo somewhere in your video found in the link below.

Adding Music/Sound:

  • Do NOT add any music that is copy right protected or requires royalty.
    • If you add music/sound to your video, you MUST add a credit slide indicating the source of the music/sound(s).
    • Music and sound from Clips, iMovie, and Garage Band are allowed and royalty free. 

Other Reminders: 

    • Make sure your video is under 1 minute
    • Name your video with your name so we can identify prize winners and give you recognition for your creation!
    • Have Fun!!
    • When complete, upload your video to:
    • Deadline to register and submit video for the 4-H Creative Campaign Contest  is April 1, 2024.