This MSU precollege program welcomes youth ages 12-19 to explore their future, try new things and experience college life! During this three-day event, youth will gain confidence and independence through hands-on learning and make friends for a lifetime.

4-H Exploration Days
June 23-25, 2021

Michigan State University



Aerial_BeaumontWhat’s it like?

  • There’ll be more than 200 session choices held on and off campus. You’ll choose one or two for your three-day stay.
  • You’ll live in a Michigan State University dorm and eat in the cafeteria—just like MSU students do.
  • Sessions are taught by people who know their stuff, including MSU faculty members, 4-H volunteers and staff members and other experts.
  • It’s not all sessions! There’s plenty of time for fun, including the Planetarium, skating, souvenir shopping, exploring, the Dairy Store, tour of the MSU Horse Barn,  basketball—even a great dance Thursday night.

4-H Exploration Days session highlights

Explore what's waiting for you at 4-H Exploration Days!

4-H Exploration Days

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