4-H provides predictable programming, helpful resources and a safe and nurturing environment for military kids who face frequent moves and experience the difficulties surrounding lengthy deployments.

 2023 Michigan 4-H Month of the Military Child Virtual Challenge Video Montage

2023 Michigan 4-H Month of the Military Child Virtual Challenge

Need a support system while your service member is deployed?

In 1995 the Department of Army and United State Department of Agriculture formed a partnership designed to help Extension/4-H impact new audiences and help the Army meet its mission of providing predictable, consistent youth programs on Army installations worldwide. In the past 15 years, three program components have emerged. The goal of the partnership is to build a strong foundation in our military children and youth so that they possess the necessary life skills to be successful and lead a productive life as well as navigate the special circumstances of being a military connected youth. This is done through hands-on, experiential projects, experiences and opportunties.

The Programs

4-H/Army Youth Development Project The 4-H/Army Youth Development Project (4-H/AYDP) has evolved into a model program of cooperation between Federal agencies. Through the 4-H/AYDP, 4-H National Headquarters and Army Child, Youth and Schools Services (CYSS) partner to provide predictable, quality youth programs and introduce 4-H to Army installations worldwide. Recognizing the skills and knowledge that 4-H is known for, Army CYS Services has partnered with 4-H professionals from around the nation to develop a variety of youth and professional development resources available at: http://www.4-hmilitarypartnerships.org. The partnership links resources of the land grant university Extension system to Army youth programs in pursuit of their common mission for positive youth development experiences for children and youth wherever they live.

Military 4-H Clubs

As military families move frequently and experience the difficulties surrounding lengthy and frequent deployments, 4-H provides predictable programming and a safe and nurturing environment for military kids.

National 4-H Headquarters relies upon the land grant university Extension system across the country to build strong partnerships with military services to provide technical assistance and training for military staff and to establish 4-H clubs for military youth living on and off installation. In addition, 4-H seeks to serve those children whose parents are serving in the National Guard and Reserve and live in communities with little or no military presence.

Military Family Resources

Visit the Resources section on the bottom of this page for materials that can be used to support military families such as:

Where Can I find a 4-H Military Partnership program or event?

Michigan State University Extension is divided into 14 districts across the state. To find a program or event near you, visit the MSU Extension Events website or contact the Military State Liaison (below) at MSU Extension.

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Kate King, 4-H Military State Liaison
Email: kingka26@msu.edu
Phone: 231-779-9480