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The project team for the development of the agriscience education curriculum tool consisted of Dr. Aaron McKim, Mark Forbush, and Olivia Hile.

Mark Forbush and Dr. Aaron McKim facilitated the development of curriculum content through the project idea generation and project creation process, where they interfaced with Michigan AFNR educators in the creation of curriculum content. Olivia Hile took the lead organizing the curriculum content into a digitized resource accessible in an online format.

We want to also acknowledge the following agriculture, food, and natural resources (AFNR) educators in Michigan who served as the experts in the development of the content included in the website:

  • Beth Wilson
  • Jennifer Grivins
  • Tiffany Fishburn
  • Katie Holt
  • Lindsey Gardner
  • Amanda Sturm
  • Katelyn Kelley
  • Sarah Davis
  • Cindy Walker
  • Victoria Yackle
  • Kent Bollinger
  • Kera Howell
  • Katrina Klaes
  • Aaron Saari
  • Casie Stiles
  • Haley Cucinello
  • Juliana Forbush

Inquiries about the website should be directed toward Olivia Hile at or by anonymously completing the "Suggest An Edit" survey found at the top of the page.