Career-related Jobs

Contacts in career resources should be contacted with respect to summer and part-time employment. However, the general policy is to centralize these opportunities at MSU’s Career Services Network. Visit the Career Services Network website to create an account and see job and internship opportunities that are available or visit the Career Services office

MSU Student Employment

Visit the MSU Student Employment site for Information on work study, working on campus, etc.

Department of Animal Science

ANS students can supplement their educational programs with part-time departmental employment. Students work in offices, research labs, and farms on campus. These types of employment provide valuable training and technical skills that enhance student learning while providing financial support.

Working in ANS research labs is interesting and challenging, and each lab offers a unique experience. Some of the areas in which animal science research is being conducted are dairy, beef, swine, poultry or horse nutrition and behavior, genetics, bioinformatics, and reproductive physiology; endocrinology, toxicology, animal behavior, meats, and molecular biology.

The South Campus Animal Teaching and Research Centers present a unique learning situation for ANS students. Student workers are involved in the daily care and maintenance of MSU livestock. This type of hands-on learning has proven an invaluable experience for students. Learn more about the South Campus Animal Farms.

More Information

Visit the Research and Extension pages for sources of information focused on scientific disciplines or species.

Meat Laboratory

The MSU Meat Laboratory in Anthony Hall, completed in fall 1998, is one of the most modern meat processing facilities on a U.S. college campus. It is designed for processing cattle, poultry, sheep, and swine into meat and processed meat products. It contains facilities for slaughtering, chilling, cutting and further processing. The sausage kitchen is equipped with all major processing equipment scaled down for laboratory-sized meat formulations plus refrigerated curing rooms and a smokehouse.

The meat industry offers a multitude of opportunities for the interested Animal Science graduate. Employment in the Meats Laboratory allows students to gain valuable knowledge that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Students interested in careers in meat science find this experience to be irreplaceable.

Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education

The Pavilion has a large arena, auditorium, exhibition area and four classrooms. Many animal laboratories are held at “The Pavilion”. Students working there assist with the set-up and delivery of many of these laboratories. The Michigan animal industry also makes use of this facility for livestock shows, sales, and displays. Working at the Pavilion provides a chance to become acquainted with many different faculty members and industry persons and gain knowledge about a variety of animals.