Organizations & Teams

Student Clubs

The following campus-wide student clubs, which are open to all MSU students, are affiliated with the Department of Animal Science.

  • Animal Science Undergraduate Research Student Association (ASURSA)
  • Animal Welfare Club
  • Avian Science Club
  • Block and Bridle
  • Dairy Club
  • Driving Club
  • Horseman’s Association (Equestrian Teams, Dressage, Polo)
  • Leader Dog Club
  • Rodeo Club

Each organization offers students the opportunity to cultivate their leadership and communication abilities with students having similar interests and concerns. Animal Science faculty and staff serve as the club advisors and support club functions and events. The department recommends that students be actively engaged with one or more of these organizations.

Follow the links to find out about more student clubs in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and at Michigan State University.

Contests and Teams


Intercollegiate Judging Teams

  • Dairy Judging Team
  • Horse Judging Team
  • Livestock Judging Team
  • Meat Judging Team

Academic Governance

ANS undergraduate students have representatives on two standing committees within the Animal Science Department. The ANS Department Advisory Committee consists of five ANS faculty, one staff member, one ANS graduate student, and one ANS undergraduate student. The undergraduate student also serves as the ANS representative to the CANR Student Senate. The ANS Department Advisory Committee meets once per month and is a channel of communication with the ANS Department Chairperson.

The ANS Undergraduate Student Affairs and Curriculum Committee consists of four ANS faculty, one ANS graduate student, and two ANS undergraduate students. This committee meets once per month to review and evaluate courses, curricula, and degree requirements for ANS undergraduates.

ANS undergraduates elect their representatives to these committees during spring semester for the following academic year.