Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Michigan State University

Biosystems Engineering (BE) faculty and graduate students are engaged in exciting research in four areas: 1) Food - food safety and quality; 2) Environment - sustainable ecosystems and resource conservation; 3) Energy - bioenergy and bioproduct solutions; and 4) Health - diagnostics, systems models, and risk-assessment tools to enhance public health. Many BE graduate students are given financial support in the form of graduate assistantships that are funded from research grants obtained by the faculty. Graduate assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis.

Our graduate programs in Biosystems Engineering are engaged in cutting-edge research, and the faculty are eager to have outstanding students join us in our academic pursuits.

Two graduate degree programs in Biosystems Engineering are offered:

  • Master of Science (MS) thesis option, plan A; and non-thesis option, plan B. The MS with thesis option (plan A) is suited for students planning to work in research and development, or for those who hope to continue toward a PhD degree. Plan B, the non-thesis option, is intended for students who want to broaden their knowledge of the field through course work alone. Most MS students follow the Plan A track.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) The PhD program is designed for students who want a career in teaching and/or research in universities, the private sector, or government organizations. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

Dr. Yan Liu, Graduate Program Director

Ms. Kate Balgoyen, Graduate Progam Assistant