In Barry County 4-H our “Non-livestock” projects include art, crafts, horticulture, culinary arts, conservation, outdoor sports, business skills, leadership and so much more!  You can do almost anything in the 4-H Non-livestock area and have it judged and exhibited at the Barry County Fair.

We have several 4-H members running profitable businesses that have started in 4-H.  They have entered their businesses in Generation E Showcase and won awards for their ideas, business plans, and more! We have had 4-H Non-livestock members who have made career choices from their projects and some with businesses directly tied to their 4-H experience.   This past year we had a 4-H alumni with a painting entered in Art Prize!  Take a look at Eric Wieringa’s painting titled “The Leap”. Our 4-H art superintendent has fond memories of him bringing his art projects for judging at fair.

Culinary Arts & 4-H Local Flavor Fest
Would you like your members to enjoy fresh vegetables, learn spiffy new food preparation skills and get hands on experience in foods industry careers?   Our 4-H culinary arts program in partnership with Chef Justin Straube from the Seasonal Grille provides 4-H members with these skills and more.  They learn the difference between flavor and taste, try new foods, learn to how to pair foods and develop a menu.  They learn the proper use of knives, cooking processes, food safety, kitchen etiquette and get hands on food preparation experience.  Participants work with trained kitchen staff and engage in class discussion for six weeks.  The finale of the program is our Local Flavor Fest dinner featuring a four course menu created by the class.  Participants assist in the dinner preparation, work the front of the house seating guests, plate the food and serve 100 guests.  Our guests purchase tickets for the event and the proceeds are split evenly between the restaurant and our 4-H program.  This program is 5 years strong and includes so much more.  Come see what it’s all about!  Articles and information can  be found at M Live Local Flavor Fest Article 2011 or Hastings Reminder article 2013  This program is offered annually in August.  For more information contact Kathy Pennington 4-H Program Coordinator.   In addition to The Seasonal Grille our partners include the Barry Community Foundation and Barry County United Way.

For more information on a 4-H Club in your area call the Barry County MSU Extension Office at 269 945-1388 or see our club list .

Michigan 4-H Creative Arts Celebration!

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