Barry County 4-H has taught entrepreneurship informally through our livestock sales for many years. Through their livestock projects and sale experiences:

  • Participants learn to keep records of project expenses.
  • They learn about management as they grow their projects.
  • They learn presentation skills as they present their project for show, sale and keep them on display for the week of fair.
  • They learn about marketing as they find bidders and a buyer for their project.
  • They learn about customer service as they follow up with their buyers after the sale.
  • In addition to the above business skills, they also learn many life skills such as responsibility, communication and leadership.

Our formal entrepreneurship education started 4 years ago and has been taught in multiple settings such as gardening and individual 4-H member business start ups using the Generation E Curricula. We have several 4-H members that have been running their businesses successfully for 4 years. We have also used our Culinary Arts program to teach the business skills of running a restaurant in addition to career education.

Here is the link to our Entrepreneurship Guidelines