Legacy of Drybean Varieties

Released by MAES-MSC-MSU


Name   Class *   Year   Main Characteristics
ROBUST   NAVY   1915   Plant selection for high yield
MICHELITE   NAVY   1938   First bred bean variety
SANILAC   NAVY   1956   First crop variety bred by X-ray mutation
CHARLEVOIX   DRK   1960   Anthracnose resistant
SEAWAY   NAVY   1960   Early bush bean like Sanilac
SAGINAW   NAVY   1961   Zinc tolerant, vine type
MICHELITE-62   NAVY   1961   Mosaic virus resistant
GRATIOT   NAVY   1962   Virus and anthracnose resistant bush
MI IMP. CRAN **   CRAN   1965   Uniformity and maturity
MANITOU   LRK   1967   Anthracnose resistant
SEAFARER   NAVY   1968   Early maturity
MONTCALM   DRK   1974   Halo blight resistant
MECOSTA   LRK   1974   Halo blight resistant
TUSCOLA   NAVY   1977   Canning quality
SWAN VALLEY   NAVY   1982   First upright navy bean
NEPTUNE   NAVY   1982   Earlier-season upright navy bean
DOMINO   BLACK   1982   First black bean varieties released
BLACK MAGIC   BLACK   1982   Second black bean varieties released
ISABELLA   LRK   1982   Early-season, high-yielding kidney
BUNSI   NAVY   1982   White mold resistant
C-20   NAVY   1983   High yielding upright navy
LAKER   NAVY   1984   First upright bush navy bean
CARDINAL   CRAN   1986   First bush cranberry bean
CRAN-028   CRAN   1986   Mosaic virus resistant
MAYFLOWER   NAVY   1987   High-yielding upright
BLACKHAWK   BLACK   1989   Anthracnose resistant
SIERRA   PINTO   1989   First pinto bean released
CHINOOK   LRK   1991   Canning quality
ALPINE   GN   1992   First great northern bean released
AZTEC   PINTO   1992   Early-season upright pinto
HURON   NAVY   1994   Canning quality
RAVEN   BLACK   1994   Virus and anthracnose resistant
ISLES   DRK   1994   Anthracnose resistant
NEWPORT   NAVY   1995   Anthracnose resistant bush navy bean
MACKINAC   NAVY   1996   Anthracnose resistant, upright navy bean
KODIAK   PINTO   1997   Large seeded, high-yield, rust and virus resistance
MATTERHORN   GN   1997   Mid-season, high-yield, rust and virus resistance
RED HAWK   DRK   1997   Mid-season, high processing quality
CHINOOK 2000   LRK   1997   Anthracnose resistant
BELUGA   WK   1997   First white kidney bean released
PHANTOM   BLACK   1998   Anthracnose resistant, upright black bean
JAGUAR   BLACK   1999   Anthracnose resistant, upright black bean
SEAHAWK   NAVY   2003   White mold resistance, high-yielding navy bean
MERLOT   S. RED   2004   Upright, high-yield, canning quality, USDA-ARS
CONDOR   BLACK   2004   Anthracnose resistant, high-yield, canning quality
REDCOAT   SOLDIER   2004   First anthracnose and virus resistant Soldier bean
SEDONA   PINK   2005   First upright pink bean suitable for direct harvest
CAPRI   CRAN   2005   Virus resistant bush cranberry bean
ZORRO   BLACK   2008   High-yielding, blight resistant upright black bean
SANTA FE   PINTO   2008   Upright pinto bean with tolerance to white mold
FUJI   OTEBO   2008   Virus resistant tebo bean for export to Japan
BELLAGIO   CRAN   2010   Disease resistant vine cranberry for export to Italy
ELDORADO   PINTO   2012   High-yielding, white mold tolerant upright pinto, suitable for direct harvest
ROSETTA   PINK   2012   Upright pink bean suitable for direct harvest
SNOWDON   WK   2012   Early-season, high-yielding bush white kidney
POWDERHORN   GN   2013   White mold tolerant upright great northern bean suitable for direct harvest

Bean varieties are released by the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station - MAES. MAES was originally affiliated with Michigan State College and later with Michigan State University. Starting from 2011 MAES will be known as MSU AgBioResearch

* DRK - Dark red kidney, LRK - Light red kidney, WK - White kidney, CRAN - Cranberry, GN - Great northern.

** MI IMP CRAN - Michigan Improved Cranberry.