BHEARD Program Directors

2020–2022 John Bonnell
2018-2020 John Medendorp 
2018 Gretchen Neisler
2014–2017 Fred Derksen
2013–2014 Eric Crawford and Fred Derksen
2012-2013 Eric Crawford 
Fred Derksen convened the project proposal team. Eric Crawford led the project preparation and presentation, and was asked to be lead PI in 2012.

BHEARD Staff Members

Cait Goddard, Institutional Capacity Development Lead
Mathias Ndizihiwe, Student Coordinator 
Jen Riebow, Finance Officer
Timmy Silberg, Uganda and Malawi MEL Specialist
Libby Hoffman, Creative Consultant and Visual Designer, LibHof Designs

Country Coordinators 

Saviour Badohu, West Africa 
Lyda Hok, Cambodia
Jackie Bonabana and Fred Bagamba, Uganda
Sera Gondwe and David Mkwambisi, Malawi