Freeways to Fuels

The Freeways to Fuels Project was designed to explore the feasibility and economics of utilizing highway right of ways to produce bioenergy crops.  This project was funded by two grants from the Michigan Energy Office.  Phase I of the project involved conducting an exploratory study to quantify how much area (using various GIS layers) along interstate highways that could be used to produce a crop.  Potential hurdles or obstacles to utilize this land was also identified. The Phase I Report entitled: "Exploring the Feasibility of Growing, Harvesting and Utilizing Bioenergy Crops on Non-traditional Land in Michigan" can be found here

Phase I Final Report (7.87 MB)

The second phase of this project builds upon the objectives of Phase I by establishing demonstration sites for producing bioenergy crops on highway right of ways and was expanded in scope to include vacant urban land, airport property and farmers’ fields.  In this phase of the project we “learned by doing.” The Phase II project was completed March 31, 2012.  The full report can be downloaded from this file:

Phase II Final Report (2.76 MB)

Michigan Energy Office

This project was funded by a grant from the Michigan Energy Office, formerly called Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth.