MSU BioEnergy Feedstock Cropping Systems

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The MSU BioEnergy Cropping Systems research program is focused on bioenergy feedstock production issues pertinent to the Great Lakes Region.  Our research program focuses on a wide range of crop production aspects including:  bio-energy crop production, utility and assessment of marginal lands for biofuel crop production;  management, landscape and soil effects on biofuel crop quality; development of an NIR calibration equation for quantifying ethanol yield from corn grain;  carbon cycling in complete biomass removal cropping systems;  tillage systems, weed control, rotational aspects, in-field plant arrangement, soil variability affects on yield, environmental aspects, and precision agriculture. 


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Thelen Lab 2023

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Kurt D. Thelen, Professor

Department of Plant, Soil & Microbial Sciences, and

Director, MSU-Great Lakes BioEnergy Research Center



Kurt Thelen Ph.D.

Kurt Thelen Ph.D.

Professor - Bioenergy Cropping Systems; and, Director, MSU-Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center