Kurt Thelen, Ph.D.

Kurt Thelen


Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center

Professor - Crop systems that increase food, feed & energy security while safeguarding soil, air, water and biodiversity.

Telephone: 517-353-0232

Plant and Soil Sciences Building
1066 Bogue Street, Room 512m
East Lansing, MI 48824

Area of Expertise:

Crop systems that increase food, feed & energy security while safeguarding soil, air, water and biodiversity.


Ph.D., Michigan State University, Crop & Soil Sciences


General areas of expertise:

BioEnergy, Agronomy


Overview of current program: 

Dr. Thelen is a professor at Michigan State University, in the Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Department and the Great Lakes BioEnergy Research Center.  His research program is focused on developing crop systems that increase food, feed, and energy security while safeguarding soil, air, water, and biodiversity.



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Courses taught: 

  • CSS/BSE/FOR 467  BioEnergy Feedstock Production


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