Pesticide Damage

This information about chemical and other injuries is from the publication A Pocket Guide to IPM Scouting in Highbush Blueberries by Annemiek Schilder, Rufus Isaacs, Eric Hanson and Bill Cline. This is a pocket-sized guide for reference in blueberry fields and can be purchased from MSU Extension (Publication E-2928. Also available in Spanish E-2928SP).

Postemergent herbicides

These herbicides are applied directly to weeds. Blueberry bushes can also be injured if chemicals come into contact with plants.

Preemergent herbicides

Preemergent herbicides are applied to the soil and absorbed by the plants. Even those labeled for blueberries can injure bushes if high rates are used. The potential for injury is greatest on sandy soils or soils low in organic matter. Young or weak bushes are especially vulnerable. Injury can also occur if the spray application is not uniform over the soil surface or if rains move herbicides concentrating them in low areas.

Recognizing abiotic conditions