Team News

What is the MSU BLV Team currently up to?

Preparation for the 6th Annual All Things BLV Conference on Oct. 22, 2021

This conference is planned as a hybrid meeting. Contact Tasia Kendrick for information on how you can attend virtually.

BLV Infection Influences Incidence and Severity of Other Diseases

Dr. Bo Norby and PhD Student Chris Kellogg are wrapping up their current research project. Their ongoing study has collected samples and followed groups of cattle across multiple Michigan dairy farms to investigate the vaccine (Anti-E. coli J5 Bacterin) efficacy and incidence of other clinical diseases due to immune system dysregulation caused by BLV.

Determining Onset of BLV in Dairy Heifers

Dr. Tasia Kendrick and PhD Student Maddy Sokacz have just started a research project aimed at identifying when dairy young stock contract BLV. The goal of this project is to not only identify when initial infection occurs, but also how it effects longevity of that individual within the herd. In addition, they will continue tracking whole herd prevalence profiles.

Other Official BLV News