PLP 847 Advanced Mycology:

Advanced Mycology is a four-credit lecture and lab-based course that will provide graduate students and advanced undergraduates with current research and techniques in fungal biology, ecology, evolution, and genomics. Students will revisit foundational literature and techniques in mycology and will employ high throughput sequencing technologies, bioinformatics computation to address student-driven research questions.

ANR 491 A Fragile Fiji: Integrating Ecosystems and Human Dimensions in the Face of Climate Change:

This interdisciplinary study abroad program to the Republic of Fiji will expose students to place-based examples of climate change effects on culture, ecology, agri-business and tourism in a place that is safe, new to MSU’s study abroad program, and is presently experiencing the effects of global change and the need for adaptation.

MMG 801 Integrative Microbial Biology:

This team taught course covers structural, metabolic, phylogenetic, and genomic diversity of microbes and microbial communities; microbial ecology, evolution, and behavior; regulation of gene expression; microbial interactions with other microbes, animals, fungi and plants