This eight-week workshop helps parents and caregivers of children ages 0-3 to develop the skills needed to support the social and emotional development of their child.

Need help taming the terrible twos? Want to reduce some of that parenting stress and decrease behavior problems in your child? Looking to enhance your parenting skills and learn helpful information about early childhood development?

Building Early Emotional Skills in Young ChildrenJoin Michigan State University (MSU) Extension’s Building Early Emotional Skills workshops to develop the skills needed to support the social and emotional development of your child. This eight-week class will take place for 90 minutes each week. Participants will receive educational enhancements that will help them apply what they learned in class to real-life situations at home with their children. Interested attendees can participate in two ways: in person or online. In-person classes will take place in Saginaw County, with childcare and meals provided. Online, web-based trainings are available to Michigan residents in communities outside these two areas.

Participants must have a child between the ages of birth and three years. Preference is given to participants eligible for WIC, Head Start, Bridge Card, etc. For more information, contact:

Saginaw County Trainings:
Kylie Rymanowicz , MSU Extension Educator or 989-758-2503

Web-based Trainings:
Carrie Shrier, MSU Extension Educator or 517-546-3950

Check out MSU Extension’s video based resources on the MSU Extension Early Childhood YouTube channel. Topics of videos include: friendship skills, communication, developing independence, cooperation, misbehavior, early literacy, sibling relationships and much more. New video topics are added freqently!

The Building Early Emotional Skills program is funded by a grant from the USDA/NIFA Children, Youth, Families at Risk grant program under award No. 213-41520-20939.

BEES Program Summary

BEES 2016 Progress Report

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