Quick Guide: Submitting Agenda Items

Follow these guidelines for submitting an agenda item to the CANR College Curriculum Committee.

NOTE: Those with items on the agenda MUST attend to answer questions or their item will be tabled until they are able to answer the questions or attend to speak with the committee.

  1. The CANR College Curriculum Committee (CCC) meets every two weeks during fall and spring semesters. Check the CCC site for the semester schedule.
  2. Agenda items are due to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) one week before a scheduled
    1. Email Dorcia Chaison (chaison@msu.edu) and Cecilia Flores (floresce@msu.edu) with the course
      numbers or programs that need to be added to the agenda.
    2. Any new courses must have a syllabus submitted for the agenda.
    3. Any new programs or program changes need to be reviewed and approved by Dorcia before they will
      be added to a CCC agenda.
  3. A unit (department/school) representative must be present at the CCC meeting when a curricular action is
    considered for that unit.
  4. Do NOT submit the course or program for approvals in the RO Web System before it has been reviewed
    and approved by CCC. Reason: CCC will likely require changes and other units signing off will wonder why
    they must approve the course or program again.
    1. Create the appropriate form (New Course, Change a Course, Delete a Course, New Program, Change a
      Program, Discontinue a Program).
    2. Use the guides on the CCC website (http://www.canr.msu.edu/ccc/) to make sure you are filling out the
      forms correctly.
    3. Inform Dorcia and Cecilia when you are ready for the course or program to be reviewed by CCC (see 2.a.).
    4. Following the CCC meeting, you will receive instructions from Cecilia on how to move the course or
      program forward through the process.
  5. Common errors in COURSE forms:
    1. Line 1: Write a VERY brief reason why you are filling out the form. Example: Removing math
      requirement OR New online soils course for Ag Tech students.
    2. Line 4: Course and SIS/Transcript Title: An abbreviation of the course title to fit in SIS and on the
      student’s transcript. The character limit is 30. Use capital and lower-case letters. Abbreviations,
      acronyms and ampersands are acceptable.
    3. Line 5: Catalog Course Description: Online format or field trips must be indicated. Incomplete sentences
    4. Line 10: Course Objectives: Write the course objectives in a student learning outcomes format, i.e.,
      “Students will …”.
    5. Line 16: Course Learning Objectives: Learning objectives are required for new courses and any course
      changes that do have objectives. Use the checkboxes to indicate appropriate objectives.
    6. Line 30: If grading is numerical, student performance evaluation components, such as quizzes and
      assignments, must be enumerated as percentages and equal 100%.