Industry Priorities

Midwest Chestnut Producers Council Priorities(AKA Midwest Nut Producers Council)

 Chestnut Integrated Pest management

  • Tree health: Chestnut blight and Asian chestnut gall wasp
  • Crop quality and yield: Chestnut weevil and nut rots (e.g. brown rot)
  • Sustainability: Optimize pesticide use.

 Horticultural Advancements

  • Improved germplasm
    • Screening cultivars for Michigan suitability
    • Tissue culture propagation
  • Address biannual bearing
  • Optimize water and nutrient management

 Harvest and Processing Technology

  • Machine harvester improvements
  • Postharvest handling to optimize quality

 Economics and Marketing

  • Branding and promotion
  • Consumer preferences
  • New product development

Process used to develop priorities

These priorities were developed the fall of 2021 by a group of Midwest growers from the Midwest Nut Producers Council, Chestnut Growers Incorporated, Michigan Nut Growers Association, and Chestnut Growers of America.