Our long term vision is to address Michigan’s most pressing lake, stream, and watershed conservation and stewardship challenges and provide research-based, timely support to clientele and partners.

The Center for Lakes and Streams streamlines lake and stream research, engagement, and education activities at the university and highlights the many programs MSU Extension and its partners offer throughout the state. The MSU Extension Center for Lakes and Streams is not a physical center with a brick-and-mortar headquarters. It is a team of Extension educators and outreach faculty based throughout Michigan with a shared mission of advancing the conservation and stewardship of Michigan’s inland lakes and streams.

To achieve this vision, the Center will welcome affiliated faculty from various departments at MSU and will invite external stakeholder input. Affiliates and stakeholders will support the work of the Center by identifying emerging issues and assisting with the prioritization of research and education activities. The Center will welcome stakeholder input from diverse perspectives, including state agencies, tribal partners, other Michigan universities, local and regional decision makers, agricultural producers, and nonprofit, community and riparian organizations.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to the Center for Lakes and Streams Director Dr. Jo Latimore at latimor1@msu.edu.

Photo of Center for Lakes and Streams associated staff.
Some Center for Lakes and Streams founding members (left to right): Dr. Jo Latimore, Ruth Kline-Robach, Kelsey Bockelman, Erick Elgin, and Paige Filice.