Updated Thursday, May 14, 2020

All university-sponsored international travel is suspended indefinitely. This includes new travel as well as any currently booked trips between now and then.

University-sponsored non-essential domestic (in- and out-of-state) travel is also suspended indefinitely. This includes new travel as well as any currently booked trips.

MSU Extension educators and staff should proceed as directed by MSU Extension Director Jeff Dwyer.

Travel Waiver Requests

  • University-sponsored domestic travel in- and out-of-state will be limited to business essential travel. Even for business essential travel, a waiver is required and can only be granted by a vice president or the president through the following form and must be approved before a trip begins (see below for routing process).
  • Where possible, teleconferencing options are encouraged to replace or complement in-person meetings and events.

Waiver Submission Requests Step-by-Step

When submitting waivers (using this form), use the e-mail subject line: TRAVEL WAIVER, Unit Code (e.g., FOR), Name of Traveler (e.g., J. Smith)

  1. Initiated from the student, faculty or staff.
  2. Send to the department chair or school or institute director for approval. Unit leaders do not need to sign the form.
  3. The chair/director sends their decision (email approval) to Senior Associate Dean (Kelly Millenbah, who will review with college leadership.
    • If travel is associated with essential research, when submitting the travel waiver request(s) include a copy of the approved essential research request.
  4. If approved by the college, the college will forward to the Provost for review and approval.
  5. The Provost will alert college of approval.
  6. The college will alert unit leader of approval.
  7. The unit leader will alert traveler of approval.

Process for Requests for Research-Related Travel Until Further Notice

  1. All requests for travel waiver must be submitted to Kelly Millenbah (
  2. You must have an approved essential research request before submitting a travel waiver request. NO travel may commence without an approved (by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation) travel waiver form.
  3. Request for travel must be submitted at least 4 business days before the travel is to commence to ensure that you will receive a timely response.
  4. Requests for travel waivers must be received by 10:00 am to ensure that they will be acted upon that day. Those submitted later will be held until the next business day.
  5. For an approved essential research project, all travelers associated with the approved essential research project must complete their own travel waiver request form. All travel waiver requests forms for said project should be submitted as a bundle for the approved essential research project.
  6. If the project will require multiple trips to the same location request permission for all trips in the travel waiver request form including approximate dates of travel and locations for travel.

Chairs and school directors are asked to please keep a record of any faculty or staff who are traveling in or out of state from your department, this includes those who have blanket authorizations. Normal policies governing travel authorizations still apply. It is wise for those who travel to keep a record of people with whom they have been in contact.