Michigan 4-H Embryology Course


Embryology is the study of the development of the embryo and in this program, the focus is on the development of chicken eggs. The online, on-demand course is designed to provide support for teachers, homeschool groups, community partners, 4-H leaders and other caring adults interested in teaching youth about the science of hatching eggs. Also provided are resources for hatching your own eggs, if desired. Before starting egg incubation, there are many things to consider, like where the chickens will live after hatching. Please check out our considerations and tips for other useful information on the process.  

This online learning tool can be used to support a virtual exploration of embryology with chickens or face-to-face with an incubator and eggs. No prior knowledge is needed! Youth can view the videos and see how a chicken develops even if they don't have eggs in-person. The course contains a curriculum complete with background information, worksheets, videos and a space to ask questions. 

Michigan 4-H Embryology  is focused on the science of hatching chicken eggs. Youth explore the developmental process and stages of chicken growth and basic chicken reproduction and cell division. Through this program, youth will also gain a deeper respect for life and the value of living things as their understanding of the care required for a living thing grows. By the end of their participation in Michigan 4-H Embryology, students will be able to: 

  • Identify the parts of an egg and their functions
  • Explain what is required to hatch an egg, how it hatches naturally and artificially
  • Describe different methods to observe a developing embryo and different stages of development
  • List what a chick needs to live and how to care for them
  • Explain how record keeping is important in science

Course Registration Instructions:

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  2. Once your account is created return to these instructions and login to the registration system with your Account (email address) and Password by selecting the following link: MI 4-H Embryology Registration Page
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  4. The Navigating the D2L Course tip-sheet may be useful as you work through the program.