Ag Tech 2020s


The Fall 2020 National Ag Tech Dairy Cattle Judging Contests were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 



Members of the 2021 MSU Ag Tech dairy judging team included (pictured from left to right): Coach Sarah Black; Coach Allison Schafer; Abby Vandyk, of Kalamazoo; Drew Neyer, of Mt. Pleasant; Rachael Bosse, of Dorr; and Coach Joe Domecq. 


  • All-American Dairy Invitational in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
    • Team: 5th Overall, 5th in Ayrshires, 5th in Brown Swiss, 5th in Guernseys, 5th in Holsteins, 5th in Jerseys, and 5th in Oral Reasons.
    • Individuals: Drew Neyer placed 13th Overall, 4th in Guernseys, 6th in Oral Reasons, 8th in Jerseys, and 10th in Ayrshires. Rachael Bosse placed 15th Overall, 9th in Brown Swiss, and 10th in Holsteins. Abby Vandyk placed 17th Overall and 8th in Ayrshires.

  • World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin 
    • Team: 6th Overall, 4th in Jerseys, 5th in Holsteins, 5th in Milking Shorthorns, 5th in Oral Reasons, 6th in Ayrshires, 6th in Brown Swiss, 6th in Guernseys, and 7th in Red and Whites.
    • Individuals: Rachael Bosse placed 18th Overall, 2nd in Ayrshires, 17th Oral Reasons, and 20th Overall Placings. Drew Neyer placed 17th Overall, 6th in Milk Shorthorns, 8th Oral Reasons, and 10th in Guernseys. Abby Vandyk placed 19th Overall, 9th in Jerseys, and 14th Overall Placings.

  • North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky
    • Team: 1st in Ayrshires, 2nd in Brown Swiss, 3rd in Guernseys, 5th in Holsteins, 5th in Reasons, 5th Overall, and 7th in Jerseys.
    • Individuals: Rachael Bosse placed 1st in Ayrshires, 2nd in Reasons, 3rd in Holsteins, 4th Overall, 4th in Brown Swiss, and 7th in Guernseys. Drew Neyer placed 5th in Ayrshires, 7th in Reasons, 8th in Brown Swiss, 10th in Guernseys, and 14th Overall. Abby Vandyk placed 11th in Jerseys.