Dirt to Glass™ is an annual conference that shares the latest research and information aimed at elevating Michigan's grape and wine industry.

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Dirt to Glass™ aims to connect growers and producers each year and provides information to support the Michigan grape and wine industry in understanding the critical relationship between better farming and world class wine.

As a collaboration between Michigan State University, Michigan State University Extension, and industry innovators and educators, this groundbreaking event disseminates the most current research and cutting-edge practical information to elevate the grape and wine industry.

Dirt to Glass™ 2024

This year's conference will continue the journey started in 2022, aiming to elevate the Michigan Grape and Wine industry through a deeper understanding of soil health and fertility, carbon cycle and sequestration, and soil-vine interaction, all crucial sustainability elements in producing high-quality grapes and wines from vineyard to economic sustainability. Each technical session will be complemented by wine educational sessions.