Development & Training

The Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) offers professional development and training options in partnership with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), MSU Extension and Michigan State University.

Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop

During this two-day Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop, participants will explore ways in which to view interactions with people different from themselves. The emphasis is on differences rather than similarities. The workshop focuses on the individual and helps explore belief systems about multiculturalism to identify feelings and values from a multicultural perspective.

This intensive learning experience created for MSU Extension employees focuses on increasing awareness of several areas of prejudice, discrimination and oppression, including racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism and ableism. Participants are encouraged to reflect on how they’ve learned to think about human differences and on the widespread tendency to view differences within a monocultural view of “better than/less than” thinking.

In addition to MSU Extension employees, ODEI has funding to sponsor attendance at this workshop for faculty and staff of CANR. See more details on the MSU Extension Organizational Development web page for Diversity and Inclusion.

Leadership in Dealing with Difficult Multicultural Discussions Workshop

The Leadership in Dealing with Difficult Multicultural Discussions workshop provides participants with frameworks and practical experiences to explore how difficult multicultural discussions can become opportunities for transformative dialogue.

Participants learn approaches to positive confrontation and the connections between personal healing, organizational and community change, social justice and authentic relationships across differences. This workshop is open to all MSU Extension staff and community members.

See more details on the MSU Extension Organizational Development web page for Diversity and Inclusion.

Opening Doors Retreat

Opening Doors is an overnight, three-day retreat that lays the foundation for personal and organizational growth. Through this workshop, participants explore a framework that deepens their diversity awareness and enhances their ability to create inclusive organizations.Opening Doors is offered each year as a collaboration between MSU Extension and ODEI.

The workshop addresses personal and professional change as part of an understanding differences initiative of multicultural organizational development.

 In the immersive workshop, participants will:

  • Increase understanding of diversity by identifying and learning more about their own identity groups.
  • Identify personal feelings and experiences related to cultural and other differences among people.
  • Examine how practices of institutions, as well as our own personal practices, maintain inequities among people and prevent us all from reaching our potential.
  • Collectively develop a framework and common language in order to facilitate change.
  • Build alliances and networks.

The workshop is offered at no cost to faculty and staff of CANR. Please contact the office to ensure you receive an invitation when registration opens for the next workshop.

See more details on the MSU Extension Organizational Development web page for Diversity and Inclusion.

Great Lakes Leadership Academy

The Great Lakes Leadership Academy (GLLA) promotes positive change, economic vitality and resource conservation and enhanced quality of life in Michigan by encouraging leadership for the common good. The program is open to MSU Extension and CANR employees.

GLLA delivers a program focused on developing the next generation of leaders to address issues related to sustainable communities at the local, regional, tribal and state levels. Participants will deepen their understanding of and increase their appreciation for the diverse perspectives associated with quality of life issues. Dynamic networks will be created to provide inclusive dialogue and encourage positive action toward a Michigan with economic and environmental vitality.

Membership: National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

We maintain an institutional membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

MSU faculty and staff can access if they register with their MSU email address. This membership entitles you to access to professional development resources including:

  • Webinars
  • Online courses
  • Discussion forum
  • Career coaching

If you have any questions about this membership, or have trouble with the registration process, please feel free to contact 517-432-1349.

Training Requests

ODEI can develop and coordinate training with CANR or MSU experts on the following topics:

  • Best practices in recruitment and hiring
  • Creating an inclusive classroom
  • Cross-cultural engagement
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Training
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Implicit bias
  • Microaggressions
  • MSU‘s anti-discrimination policies
  • Queer Inclusive Learning and Leading (QUILL)

There is training available for individuals or groups of all sizes. Please contact us at 517-432-1349 to determine which training would best address your needs.