Physical Development and Health

Young children need to be physically healthy in order to be ready to learn. Physical health and wellness and the development of critical motor skills is an important part of school readiness. Physical development and health includes proper nutrition and plenty of physical activity--young children need lots of time to move! Physical development and health also involves the development of motor skills. Young children need to learn and practice gross or large motor skills like standing, walking, running, climbing and jumping. They also need to learn and practice fine or small motor skills like picking up small items, gripping a pencil or cutting with scissors.

Making sure children are physically healthy and ready to attend schools is very important.  MSU Extension provides programs for families such as Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Programs that helps families make sure the children are getting the proper nutrition to grow healthy.

Children and adults need physical activity to live a healthy life.  Moving through play and exercise provides physical health and wellness.  Many of MSU Extension program help families set goals regarding physical activity and share ways to include this in your family time.