Join Eaton County 4-H

Interested in joining Eaton County 4-H? Well, you've come to the right place! 4-H programs are open to youth ages 5-19 (as of January 1) and cover a wide variety of interests. Our 5-7 year old members are considered Cloverbuds and focus more on fun and exploration of various projects, while older youth can participate and compete in the whole array of projects offered.

Steps for joining as a youth member:

  1. Decide what 4-H experience you want to join. Here are a few options:
    1. 4-H Community or Project Club: These are clubs that meet on a long-term, year-round basis. Most of these clubs offer the opportunity to exhibit with the club at the Eaton County Fair. To find a club, look through the club directory and find a club or two that fit your needs (think about project interests and location). Contact the club leader listed and ask about joining their club!
      Community and Project Club Directory
    2. 4-H SPIN Clubs: Short term clubs (8 weeks or less) that are focused on a particular topic area. These can be found on our 4-H Events Calendar4-H Newsletter, and on our Facebook page as availability varies throughout the year. 
    3. 4-H Camps, workshops, or other events: 4-H camps, workshops, and other events can be found on our 4-H Events Calendar, 4-H Newsletter, and on our Facebook page as availability varies throughout the year. 
    4. 4-H Virtual Programs: 4-H has many virtual or statewide programs that are available statewide, no matter where you are located, that you can participate in! Find information about these experiences through our social media channels and/or our 4-H Newsletter.
  2. Once you have identified the 4-H experience you are joining, enroll in 4-H Online, our online database of members. All youth should enroll as soon as they know they are joining the 4-H experience. If you are joining a 4-H Community or Project club, please make sure you have been in contact with the club leader first as some clubs do have club restrictions on membership.
    Direct Link to 4-H Online
    Help Tutorials for 4-H Online
  3. Joining as a 4-H member is FREE! Clubs, camps, workshops, or other 4-H experiences may still charge a club due or registration fee. If the experience you are joining has a fee, please pay that fee to join that experience.
  4. Youth and volunteers can join 4-H at any time throughout the program year (September 1 - August 31) depending on the club or experience you wish to participate in. Some experiences and clubs may have deadlines that occur throughout the year, so please pay attention to the experience you wish to participate in so that you are signed up in time. A common deadline is for members that wish to exhibit at the Eaton County Fair as a 4-H member, which is May 1st. 

A little lost with all the options in 4-H? Check out our Welcome Packet for New Families or contact 4-H staff!

Steps for joining as a volunteer:

  1. Contact the club you wish to join as a volunteer or contact the Extension office for volunteer opportunities.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Selection Process, including being accepted as an Extension volunteer.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Need assistance with this process? Please contact the Extension office at 517-543-2310 or