Wild Spartans Series


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Join 4-H staff for the "Wild Spartans" series for a look into life working with fisheries and wildlife! Follow along as we climb through bogs, peer into bear dens, mist net songbirds, snorkel for fish, or perhaps even tag deer. Meet researchers, learn about their field work, and the education and career path they've followed to get there.

Each 60 minute session will feature 1-2 guest researchers. Youth will be encouraged to ask questions to learn more through a live Q&A with scientists.

This free series is open to 4-H and non-4-H youth ages 12-19 years.  

Upcoming Program Dates and Topics:

  • Wild Spartans programs have concluded for spring 2022, we will continue in the fall of 2022. Please view the previous Wild Spartans sessions in recorded videos below.


LOCATION: Online Meeting will be held using the free app called Zoom. Link/password for the meeting will be emailed about a week prior to each presentation.


To learn more, contact: 
Veronica BolhuisAnne KretschmannSeth MartinLaura Quist, or Dr. Alexa Warwick

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Share past sessions in classrooms, home school group, or your 4-H club! Links below include resources for continued learning in science, research, and career preparation.  Meet these scientists and more in the videos below.

View previous 4-H Wild Spartan sessions

  • Wild Spartans: Raptor Conservation with Libby Mojica

    Published on January 12, 2021

    In this 4-H Wild Spartans episode, we take to the skies to talk to an ornithologist about the raptors that inspire us! Learn about researching, protecting, and conserving raptors that soar our skies. Meet EDM wildlife biologist, Libby Mojica, learn about her field work, and the education and career path she followed to get there as she discusses “Raptor Conservation and Management: Working with Birds of Prey in Cities and Wildlands.”

  • Wild Spartans: Invasive Species with Taylor Haas

    Published on December 8, 2020

    In this 4-H Wild Spartans episode, we go upstream to learn about sea lamprey, an oceanic species invading the Great Lakes. Meet MSU graduate researcher, Taylor Haas, learn about his field work, and the education and career path he followed to get there in his presentation, “Invasive Species and I: A Scientist’s Tale of Working with Wildlife from Elsewhere”.

  • Wild Spartans: Science in Zookeeping & Conservation with Caitlin Mack

    Published on November 10, 2020

    In this 4-H Wild Spartans episode, we head to the sub-Sahara to learn about African painted (wild) dogs. Meet MSU graduate researcher, Caitlin Mack, learn about her work on the social behavior and conservation of these rare carnivores, and the education and career path she followed as she discusses “Science in Zookeeping and Conservation.”