2024 October MCP Webinar: A Guide to Land Use Resources: Where was that again?

October 17, 2024 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Registration Deadline: October 16, 2024 - 08:30PM


Contact: For more information, contact Kara Kelly, Program Coordinator, at cplanner@msu.edu

2024 Master Citizen Planner Live Webinar Series

The 2024 Master Citizen Planner (MCP) Webinar Series is designed to offer participants the latest updates and information on current topics. Using Zoom, MSU Extension educators will provide an overview of topics of interest to planning and zoning officials. Webinars fall on the third Thursday in April, May, June, September, October, and November. Webinars take place from 6:30-7:30 p.m. ET. Each session is available individually or participants can register for all six at once. All webinars will be recorded, and the recordings and presentation materials sent to registrants. 

Each webinar is eligible for 1 MCP Credit.

2024 Topics:

Overlay Zones for the Lay Planner, April 18 - Tyler AugstOverlay districts are a zoning tool that communities have used to promote mixed-use developments, waterfront regulations, transit corridors, housing variety, and more. Overlay districts add standards and regulations to those found in the underlying district and can help target specific areas within or across districts. This webinar will provide an overview of overlay districts, how they differ from traditional zoning, when using an overlay zone may be appropriate, and examples of a variety of different types of overlay zones found in Michigan.

Zoning Enforcement: Policies, Property Rights, and Politics, May 16 - Mary Reilly, AICP. Enforcement is a necessary component of having a zoning ordinance, yet it can be overlooked, avoided, or underfunded. The absence of zoning enforcement can lead to damaging community narratives about the validity of the ordinance or the work of the Planning Commission or ZBA. Participants in this session will learn about enforcement tools and policies, private property rights and curtilage, and the role of elected and appointed boards in supporting enforcement efforts.       

Site Plan Review for Planning Commissioners, June 20 - Brad Neumann, AICP. Site plan review is a significant power of local government in ensuring that all local, state, and federal regulations are satisfied with proposed development. Yet, planning commissioners tend to get overzealous crossing into site design as opposed to sticking to the lane of reviewing for conformity with the ordinance. Participants will learn about the benefit of using checklists for site plan review, gain experience using a scale, and gain insights on the use of conditional approval, escrow fees, and performance guarantees.

JULY –  BREAK (no webinar)

AUGUST –  BREAK (no webinar)

Plumbing the Depths: Ethics in Community Planning and Zoning, September 19 - Harmony Gmazel, AICP. Serving the public interest is a priority for planning officials and planners alike. This interest can become either obscured or crystal clear when we are confronted with a disconnect between the legal requirements of our work and ethical obligations we have as human beings. Participants in this session will gain an understanding of moral theories, will analyze planning-related scenarios, and learn about strategies that address potentially unjust or unfair behaviors or regulations related to local planning.

A Guide to Land Use Resources: Where was that again?, October 17 – Tyler Augst. The digital age has meant more information and resources are available to land use decision makers than ever before. Identifying and keeping track of high-quality planning and zoning resources can be a challenge with so much information out there. Participants in this webinar will learn how to identify high quality resources and take a guided tour of where to find a variety of national, state, and MSU Extension resources.

3rd Annual 'Master Citizen Planner Showcase, November 21 – Various MCPs. Master Citizen Planner (MCP) is a status granted to people who complete the Citizen Planner Program and demonstrate commitment to continuing their own education each year. This showcase will highlight the practical outcomes of that commitment.  MCPs can be found doing incredible planning and zoning work for their communities across Michigan. MCPs from around the state will each give a short presentation on a unique project, topic, or case from their community. Join us to learn directly from your peers!

Cost per webinar: $10 for MCPs; $20 for Regular Registrants