Learning Exchange Series: Managing forests for carbon offsets—opportunities, risks, and the way forward

June 5, 2024 3:00PM - 4:00PM


Managing forests for carbon offsets—opportunities, risks, and the way forward


Lilli Kaarakka, Assistant Professor, Cal Poly

  • Dr. Kaarakka’s research seeks to develop practical solutions for forest management through linking ecological research with silviculture. Her past work has investigated the spatial and temporal effects of human-induced physical and chemical disturbances such as intensive harvesting and water-treatments on boreal forest soil biogeochemistry, vegetation dynamics and tree growth. Her current research focuses on identifying evidence-based environmental solutions for carbon management from the perspective of silviculture and forest soil management, as well as finding ways of connecting practical forest management with carbon offset markets. 
  • https://nres.calpoly.edu/dr-lilli-kaarakka


Forest management has recently gained attention in science and policy arenas as a pathway to offset C (C) emissions arising from other industries. Although forest management is one of the primary types of activities issuing C credits in California, forests face many risks, including natural and human-induced disturbances. Ideally, current, and future forest management should focus on aligning local ecosystems and communities with future climate scenarios, without sacrificing the ecological and socio-economic function of forestlands nor compromising any conservation efforts. 


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