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The Forest Carbon and Climate Program (FCCP) aims to increase understanding and implementation of climate-smart forest management, which inextricably links climate change mitigation and adaptation. The FCCP was established to connect professionals, natural resource managers, decision-makers, students and the broader public with the value of forested lands and forest products in addressing climate change.

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Graduate Certificate

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy, and Management. The Certificate consists of three 3-credit courses, all available completely online. Participants include a wide range of graduate students, recent graduates, and working professionals. 

Professional Courses

The FCCP hosts a collection of online non-credit courses that provide professionals with practical knowledge and skill-building in topics of forest carbon science, policy, and management. 

Partners and Projects

Program objectives are achieved through working with strategic partners to better communicate and bring attention to key topics, create educational content and programming, and bridge dialogue gaps on carbon and climate topics related to forests and forested lands. 

Open Resource Library

The FCCP engages with various audiences through activities like free webinars, an online community for our alumni, event participation, and trainings. These activities create accessible outlets to share information about forest carbon and climate adaptation and mitigation to connect decision-makers with the communities they serve.


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