FCCP Open Resource Library (ORL)

The Open Resource Library (FCCP ORL) is an online space dedicated to sharing educational outputs from our for-credit and non-credit course offerings to a wide audience of practitioners, educators, and members of the public. The primary goal of the FCCP ORL is to increase access to educational imagery, tools, and content regarding topics of forests and climate. This resource will be continuously updated to ensure visitors have access to up-to-date and relevant content from the FCCP. 

Current resources include: 

  • Open Resource Images - a collection of graphics that are available for use by interested parties with attribution
  • Tree Measurement Video Series - a collection of free educational videos demonstrating various tree measurements and how to convert these field measurements into carbon measurements
  • FCWG Webinar Recordings
  • USFS Animated Videos

Resources that are in development include:

  • Downloadable and Interactive Forest Carbon Calculator - a downloadable tool that allows users to calculate carbon storage totals in live biomass, calculate carbon storage totals in harvested wood products (HWPs), and  budget for carbon project expenses (i.e. buffer pools, overhead costs, etc.) and profit over time for a variety of locations, tree types, and forest management activities 
  • USFS Forest Carbon Tool Exercises – these downloadable exercises can be used with existing USFS tools to explore tool inputs and outputs, opportunities and limitations