Michigan 4-H Volunteer Webinar: Teaching Science When You Don’t Know Diddley-Squat

January 23, 2024 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Contact: Christine Heverly

A webinar series that will provide Michigan 4-H volunteers with a variety of learning opportunities to help them grow as a volunteer and support the Michigan 4-Hers. This session is Teaching Science When You Don’t Know Diddley-Squat is a series of science lessons that can be taught with no science background and materials you probably already have at home, or with a quick shopping trip. If you have a club meeting coming up tonight, and don’t have much time to prepare – these lessons are for you. They are designed to get young people thinking using their natural curiosity. Science isn’t about memorization; an internet search can give you facts. It is about using critical thinking to ask questions and discovering answers on your own. (and determining whether those internet answers are correct)


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