ODEI First Tuesday Seminar: Featuring David Riera from Florida International University

March 5, 2024 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Registration Deadline: March 5, 2024 - 04:00PM

Brody Hall Dining Commons / Zoom

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion invites the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources community to attend the ODEI First Tuesday Event.

The February event features David Riera from Florida International University


David Riera, one of the founders of the South Florida Beekeeping Association (SFBA) at the beginning of 2016 at Florida International University (FIU) where I served as the first President. Our efforts and community continue to buzz around FIU but in 2019 we officially expanded into the community as many of our student members began to become “certified beekeepers” and either open up their own satellite endeavors or incorporate beekeeping into their existing work.

In the fall of 2015, I was fortunate to bee involved in a few beekeeping workshops sponsored by local beekeepers and FIU, I felt different doing beekeeping and being immersed in the hands-on process of keeping bees just like I do when I dive into the ocean. It felt then like it does today simultaneously bringing my inner-peace while completely stoking the flames of my curiosity.

Some of the features that we/I are most proud of at SFBA are our members, our community mentors (beekeepers from all flights of life from hobbyists to third generationists) pitching in and contributing to the growth and learning of our hives. We are truly proud of lifting up our people of color, queue algunas veces hablan/speak in a different way, but are still understood when doing the dance of the bees, with the bees, and for the bees. We stand strong through our community education and outreach efforts, equipping community members and familias on the importance of bees and polllinators in general.

Many “clients” are miss informed about the cost/maintenance of bees and apiaries in general, when we receive a call to come rescue a hive or a bee swarm we need the community (clients and all) to realize there is not such thing as “Free-Bees” but we also ensure that the bees are taken care of an not simply used, abused, and exterminated, like I said are primary movement is based on reciprocity and relationality.

In our industry, we need to bee better to each other, and not simply look at the science and art of beekeeping and pollinator protection as purely economical but embrace the ecological and metaphysical even. The discipline and the business space needs to be more inclusionary and more diverse, we need mentors from all colors, cultures, and creeds to pass-on the knowledge, the wisdom, and stories of not just their bees but bees and pollinators in general.

First Tuesday Seminars

These monthly discussions are open to students, faculty and staff. These events are an opportunity to hear from diverse scholars and professionals from the agriculture and natural resources industry, government and higher education disciplines speak about their own career and life paths, as well as their research, work or opportunities in a variety of fields.

This event will be hybrid so register to receive the online and in person participation details. For questions, contact anr.dei@msu.edu.



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