Field Crop Entomology Program at MSU provides extension information and research on insects in corn, soybean, dry bean, wheat, sugarbeet, forages, hemp, and other field crops in Michigan.


Created and updated annually by Dr. Chris DiFonzo with Michigan State University and Dr. Pat Porter with Texas A&M

Most corn hybrids planted in the U.S. have transgenic traits for insect management. The Handy Bt Trait Table provides a helpful list of trait names and details of specific trait packages to make it easier to understand and compare company seed guides, sales materials, and bag tags. Recent mergers resulted in name changes for several major seed companies. Trait packages are listed alphabetically, rather than by company name, to avoid having to frequently reorganize the table as the company mergers progress.

Bt resistance is arguably the most important issue facing growers planting Bt hybrids, as well as extension educators, independent crop scouts, and company agronomists responding to field calls. Problems continue to increase in regions where field failures were already found, and new cases of resistance are reported every season. The table thus has a column which lists the insect species for which resistance has occurred. The resistance problems may be local, regional, or widespread. 

To view or download the current table and a list of Bt resistance citations, go directly to the Bt Trait Table web site, maintained by Dr. Porter Texas A&M.

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