Firewood Collection, Movement and Regulation

Fuelwood/Firewood Collection (2019 State Forest Land) This site by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources provides access to data and maps carrying information on areas on state forest where fuelwood/firewood can be collected.

Frequently Asked Questions - Don't Move Firewood This FAQ page by has educative information for consumers about many issues, including what’s local firewood, why they don’t have to move firewood, what to do with fallen wood and brush on your property. 

DON’ Provides rich information on invasives and how to help to prevent them from spreading. The website also features a firewood map, carrying summary information on local firewood rules and regulations in the United States. It host a rich firewood resource library and provide links to information on some specific pest (e.g. emerald ash borer) can be found and to rules in selected National Parks, National and Forests.

Don’t Move Firewood. (March 15, 2011). Firewood Animated Story. [Video]

Preventing Firewood Movement This fact sheet explains the roles of regulation in preventing firewood movement.

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Firewood Page (MDARD) This page by the MDARD provides information that the producers, consumers and campers need to be aware of regarding firewood regulations and utilization, and what they can do to prevent the spread of emerald ash borer (EAB) and other forest pest. The page also provides links to EAB and Michigan firewood regulations. 

Invasive Species Laws This page  provides information and links to resources on laws and regulations at the state and federal level  which are designed to stop the introduction and spread of invasive species. 

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Firewood (MDARD) Quarantine Information This webpage by MDARD provides link to plant pest quarantine regulations in Michigan restricting the movement of firewood. 

DNR Regulations Pertaining to EAB and Ash Materials at parks and forest Lands.

Firewood Movement Regulation Provides information on why it is important to buy and burn local and links to program resources on firewood and invasives. The site also carries information on Florida’s firewood regulations and Florida’s forest legacy program.

ILExtensionHKMW. (Oct 22, 2016). Don’t Move Firewood Part 2. [Video]

Firewood Fact Sheet This fact sheet by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources presents information on the quarantine and stoppage of the spread of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

Laws and Regulations Laws and Regulations page of the USFWS Invasive Species Web Portal. Provides quick access to the laws and regulations guiding USFWS invasive species activities. 

Invasive Species: Major Laws and the Role of Selected Federal Agencies This report provides an overview of the federal laws and directives in the United States that govern invasive species and the role of selected federal agencies.

Summary of Federal Laws Relevant to Invasive Species  This page on the website of Georgia Invasive Species Task Force describes some of the major federal legal authorities that deal with invasive species. It contains educating publications on but not limited to congressional information on invasive species and control of invasives.

Executive Orders for Invasive Species Provides information for executive orders related to invasive species issues and addition resources here.

Stamp Out Invasive Species Act This page provides information about a bill that directs the U.S. Postal Service to issue and sell a Combating Invasive Species Semipostal Stamp.