Firewood Safety Education and Outreach

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This is a collaborative firewood education and outreach effort that is intended to provide access to resources that will assist the producers, vendors and consumers of firewood  to develop a deep understanding of forest health issues, the risks and threats posed by invasive insect species and how they can reduce their spread. We also provide resources on firewood regulations, safe and productive burning of firewood, firewood equipment and heat treatment technologies, and on best management options, available for the production and use of firewood.

Through means including webinars, video series, and regional and statewide supply chain education and outreach programs, we seek to broaden awareness among producers regarding the need for firewood sanitization and recommended sanitization practices. We also intend to improve the understanding and purchasing behavior of Michigan citizens regarding the use of treated and USDA-certified firewood. 

This effort is led by faculty members at the Department of Forestry, Michigan State University, in collaboration with partners from Michigan DNR,  as well as seasoned forest products, wood utilization, and marketing specialists. We welcome collaboration and funding support from individuals and groups.



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