Firewood Drying, Seasoning and Storing

Storing and Drying Firewood This page by Cornell Cooperative Extension provides useful information for producers on how they can dry and store firewood without degrading. 

How to Dry Firewood Provides brief information on how to dry and the need for drying firewood.

Drying Firewood Provides useful insights on how best to dry firewood.

How to Dry Your Seasoned Firewood - YouTube Instructional video on how to allow seasoned firewood to dry , ready for the next winter.

How to Dry Firewood  Highlights methods to season firewood and discuses the need for drying firewood.

How Long to Dry Firewood: A Beginner’s Guide Share some tips on how to properly dry your firewood and also elaborates on how to check if your wood is seasoned.

Storing and Seasoning Firewood Discusses how to season and store firewood properly and provides a link to firewood safety tips 

How to Select, Split, Stack and Store Firewood Provides useful tips on how to select, split, stack and store firewood. Has a link to a video on how to select right trees for firewood.

Tips on Gathering, Drying and Storing Firewood Some tips from Michigan State University Extension that will help you get the best results from your firewood gathering and burning efforts this heating season.

Tips for Properly Seasoning Firewood This page by MotherEarthNews presents tips to keep in mind when seasoning firewood.

Moisture Content of ‘Seasoned’ Firewood  Elaborates on the  need  firewood to be fully seasoned to below 20 percent moisture content before being burned.

Firewood Kiln Discuses firewood kilns, how they work and the benefits of a firewood kiln.

Firewood Kiln Brochure Offers information  different types of kilns that can be used to heat treat firewood to USDA standards in less than 4 Hours and dry firewood in 24 Hours.

What is Kiln Dried Firewood? Explains kiln drying of firewood, reasons for it and presents a video illustration of one of the equipment that can be used for kiln drying firewood.

Why Kiln Dried Uses video and text to explain what is kiln drying and the fire that you will get from kiln dried firewood.

Drying Hardwood Lumber Elucidates on common methods for drying lumber of different thickness, with minimal drying defects, for high quality applications. 

Kiln Drying Basics for the Small Producer A PowerPoint presentation with useful insights on how small producers can kiln dry their firewood.

Dry Kiln Schedules for Commercial Woods Temperate and Tropical This report contains suggested dry kiln schedules for over 500 commercial woods, both temperate and tropical. 

Dry Kiln Operator’s Manual The manual describes both the basic and practical aspects of kiln drying lumber. It is a practical guide for kiln operator and a reference manual for mill managers.

Introduction to Kiln Drying This resourceful guide is designed to provide you with basic information on kiln drying and discuss the many advantages of drying your own lumber.

Kiln Structures to House Lumber Driers This book chapter discuses the basic criteria to be considered when designing or purchasing a drying chamber for a lumber drying equipment.

Energy in Kiln Drying Discuses energy consumption in kiln drying systems.