• Forestry Course Teaches Sustainable Management

    MSU students learn how to manage and harvest northern hardwood forests as part of a capstone course taught at Fred Russ Forest.

  • Supporting Michigan's Christmas tree industry

    In response to producers' demands, scientists at Fred Russ Forest are producing high-quality, commercial volumes of Scotch Pine seeds for Christmas Tree growers in the state.

  • Fred Russ Forest: An overview

    The Fred Russ Forest is a 44 acre hardwood study area with four treatments: a control plot, shelterwood, clear cut and group cut harvest.

  • Mapping forest structure

    Researchers at Fred Russ Forest are using a tree mapping system to map the locations of trees, measure size and record data in the field computer.

  • Long-term Management of Hardwood trees

    Michigan State University researchers from Fred Russ Forest and the MSU forestry department is running several long-term studies to investigate silvicultural practices that result in the regeneration of the Oak species.